The Brewery

Our Story

The inspiration for Dragon’s Gate started after we brewed our first batch of homebrew on a stove in our old apartment in Laguna Beach. Locking up our cat, dressed in full hazmat gear, we sanitized our kitchen and homebrew equipment thoroughly watching the pot for almost three hours in anticipation until that first bubble appeared and boiled. Weeks following we looked at each other in pure amazement after popping open that first bottle. For one- it actually worked! And two- our first batch of homebrew kicked ass! At that moment….Dragons Gate Brewery lay dormant in the recess of our minds for many, many years.


The Hop Yard

Dragon's Gate Estate Grown Hops

All of Dragon's Gate Brewery ales are brewed with our own "Estate Grown Hops." We grow Centennial, Cascade, Galena, Mt. Hood, Willamette, Magnum, Sterling, Saaz, and Hallertauer hops. Each hop bine is hand nourished throughout the growing season and then hand harvested and processed. We select the finest hop buds from each bine and ensure that only the finest hops go into brewing our ales. All unused hops and by products of the processing are recycled and composted back into the soil providing rich organic nutrients for next year’s growing season.  







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